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Grazing occultations by the Earthmoon

Data and map with path for Europe from -10 to +40 deg. Longitude East

Friday2012-01-0601h49 UTSAO 76551+5.3mInteractive map and data
Sunday2012-01-2919h16 UTSAO 92395+7.0mInteractive map and data
Friday2012-03-0217h10 UTSAO 77926+8.3mInteractive map and data
Friday2012-03-0217h34 UTSAO 77939+8.6mInteractive map and data
Friday2012-03-0219h17 UTSAO 78006+7.3mInteractive map and data
Tuesday2012-03-2718h54 UTSAO 76434+8.9mInteractive map and data
Wednesday2012-04-2519h43 UTSAO 77287+8.3mInteractive map and data
Wednesday2012-04-2520h48 UTSAO 77336+3.0mInteractive map and data
Monday2012-05-2820h10 UTSAO 118319+7.8mInteractive map and data
Sunday2012-09-0904h41 UTSAO 77255+6.2mInteractive map and data
Thursday2012-09-1303h09 UTSAO 98267+4.3mInteractive map and data
Wednesday2012-09-2622h19 UTSAO 145637+5.1mInteractive map and data
Saturday2012-10-2016h03 UTSAO 187012 +6.5mInteractive map and data
Saturday2012-11-0323h44 UTSAO 95852 +7.1mInteractive map and data
Wednesday2012-11-2118h54 UTSAO 146363 +7.9mInteractive map and data
Thursday2012-12-0603h19 UTSAO 118347 +6.6mInteractive map and data
Friday2012-12-0702h12 UTSAO 138130 +7.1mInteractive map and data

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February 19, 2012
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