Comet Linear C/2006 VZ13

Tuesday July 17, 2007

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On November 13, 2006 a comet with afterwards identifier Linear C/2006 VZ13 was discovered by automatic search system LINEAR (Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research).

The comet reached on July 14, 2007 the smallest earth distance with 85 million kilometers and will pass on August 10, 2007 with a distance of 152 million kilometers to the sun the perihelion point of his path. The comet reached in July 2007 more brightness as expected.

Elements of LINEAR C/2006 VZ13
Periheldistance 1.0152590 AU
Exccentricity e 1.0002380
Inclination i 134.7934000 deg
Argument of perihelion 174.1149000 deg
Longitude of ascending node 66.0267000 deg
Date of perihelion JD 2454323.39160 (10 Aug 2007 21:23:54)

Apparent path of Comet Linear C/2006 VZ13 in July 2007
Path of Comet Linear C/2006 VZ13 in July 2007
Diagram created with Guide 8 von Bill J Gray

Video and images from comet observation on July 17, 2007

The comet was in 31 to 25 degree elevation above northwest horizon.

Comet Linear C/2006 VZ13 - Total from 30 images - (Σ 307 seconds)

Still video image with star identifiers for orientation - (Σ 10.24 seconds)

The movement of comet Linear C/2006 VZ13 on northern sky
45 minutes in 20 seconds time lapse video - MPEG4 2.8MB

Video equipment and setup

The observation place at 48° 47′ 26.9" North, 15° 13′ 52.6" East, Elevation 607m (WGS84)
The observation place on July 17, 2007
July 17, 2007 at 00:46 UTC

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21 July 2007
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