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Star cluster M67

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This page contains links to more than 100 real sky images captured from as many video sequences for direct comparison of seven different video cameras. Some of this video cameras were kindly lent to me by Dr. David Dunham from USA, Dr. Terrence R. Redding from USA and Olivier Thizy from France. Without this additional cameras this extensive sensitivity comparison recordings and other timing measurements would not have been possible. Therefore, I want to thank all for the great support and the patience because of the long delay mainly caused by bad weather situation here in Austria.

All test recordings were made in the same night on March 04, 2013 under very good, stable and unchanging sky conditions in Nonndorf, MPC C47. The elevation of the recorded object M67 was always 40 degree above the local horizon. Star cluster M67 is located in constellation Cancer at position RA 08h51m18s, DEC +11° 48´ 59". The used telescope system was a 1200/254mm (f/4.72) Newton, mounted on a motor driven equatorial mount. To avoid any system caused wavelength influence no coma corrector was used. Due to the small video CCD sizes coma is not a problem. So no glass and no filter affected the optical path. A sky brightness measurement in zenith with a SQM-L showed a stable value of +21.2mag/sqas or +6.2mag visual limit in this night. The ambient temperature was in the range of -5° Celisus or 268 Kelvin. So the majority of thermal image noise was surely caused by self-heating of the not self cooled cameras.

The used analog video converter was an external USB video grabber DFG/USB2-lt device from "The Imaging Source". The digitized video was recorded direct to a Notebook HD in AVI container format and with the lossless and non-compressing B/W video codec Y800. The Y800 codec stores only the luminance value as one byte for every pixel. The software VirtualDub was used for video recording. Because of the two different video systems used by the tested video cameras, the image sample size was set to 768x576 for CCIR and 640x480 for EIA to create always a final video format with the same 4:3 ratio as primary optical exposured by the CCD video sensors.

All images presented on this page are single frames in original state captured with VirtualDub from the video file without any further image processing. No darks, flats or bias were used. The color cameras were set to work in permanent B/W mode. But we have to consider that color cameras always have a Bayer matrix filter mounted in front of the CCD. The cameras were all set to Gamma=1 to work with linear characteristic. And all possible image changing features in the cameras were deactivated. Only exposure time and signal gain of the cameras was changed between the recording sequences in this night.

Tested video cameras
TypeSignal / SystemColor or B/WIntegration featureSensor size - TypeFOV with FL=1200mm
WAT-910HX/RCAnalog / CCIRB/WYes6.4x4.8mm - Type 1/2"18.3 x 13.7 arcmin
WAT-120NAnalog / CCIRB/WYes6.4x4.8mm - Type 1/2"18.3 x 13.7 arcmin
PC165DNRAnalog / EIAColor and B/W set to B/WYes4.8x3.6mm - Type 1/3"13.7 x 10.3 arcmin
SCB-2000NAnalog / EIAColor and B/W set to B/WYes4.8x3.6mm - Type 1/3"13.7 x 10.3 arcmin
WAT-902H2 UltimateAnalog / CCIRB/WNo6.4x4.8mm - Type 1/2"18.3 x 13.7 arcmin
PC164C-EX2Analog / EIAB/WNo4.8x3.6mm - Type 1/3"13.7 x 10.3 arcmin
DMK21AU618Digital - USBB/WYes3.6x2.7mm - Type 1/4"10.3 x 7.7 arcmin


Left click to select captured video image and open it in a new browser window
Right click to select captured video image and download it as a gif file to your local drive


Guide reference star maps of star cluster M67 with stars shown in real spectral colour
FOV of Type 1/2" CCD  FOV of Type 1/2" CCD + mag values

WAT-910HX/RC gain30dB 1/50s It=20msWAT-910HX/RC gain35dB 1/50s It=20msWAT-910HX/RC gain38dB 1/50s It=20msWAT-910HX/RC gain41dB 1/50s It=20ms
WAT-910HX/RC gain30dB x2 It=40ms------WAT-910HX/RC gain41dB x2 It=40ms
WAT-910HX/RC gain30dB x4 It=80ms------WAT-910HX/RC gain41dB x4 It=80ms
WAT-910HX/RC gain30dB x8 It=160ms------WAT-910HX/RC gain41dB x8 It=160ms
WAT-910HX/RC gain30dB x16 It=320ms------WAT-910HX/RC gain41dB x16 It=320ms
WAT-910HX/RC gain30dB x32 It=640ms------WAT-910HX/RC gain41dB x32 It=640ms
WAT-910HX/RC gain30dB x64 It=1280ms------WAT-910HX/RC gain41dB x64 It=1280ms
WAT-910HX/RC gain30dB x128 It=2560ms------WAT-910HX/RC gain41dB x128 It=2560ms
WAT-910HX/RC gain30dB x256 It=5120ms------WAT-910HX/RC gain41dB x256 It=5120ms

WAT-120N gain38dB off It=20ms
WAT-120N gain38dB mode1 It=40ms
WAT-120N gain38dB mode2 It=80ms
WAT-120N gain38dB mode4 It=160ms
WAT-120N gain38dB mode8 It=320ms
WAT-120N gain38dB mode16 It=640ms
WAT-120N gain38dB mode32 It=1280ms
WAT-120N gain38dB mode64 It=2560ms
WAT-120N gain38dB mode128 It=5120ms
WAT-120N gain38dB mode256 It=10240ms

PC165DNR agclow 1/60s It=17msPC165DNR agcmiddle 1/60s It=17msPC165DNR agchigh 1/60s It=17ms
PC165DNR agclow x2 It=33msPC165DNR agcmiddle x2 It=33msPC165DNR agchigh x2 It=33ms
PC165DNR agclow x4 It=67msPC165DNR agcmiddle x4 It=67msPC165DNR agchigh x4 It=67ms
PC165DNR agclow x8 It=133msPC165DNR agcmiddle x8 It=133msPC165DNR agchigh x8 It=133ms
PC165DNR agclow x16 It=267msPC165DNR agcmiddle x16 It=267msPC165DNR agchigh x16 It=267ms
PC165DNR agclow x32 It=534msPC165DNR agcmiddle x32 It=534msPC165DNR agchigh x32 It=534ms
PC165DNR agclow x64 It=1068msPC165DNR agcmiddle x64 It=1068msPC165DNR agchigh x64 It=1068ms
PC165DNR agclow x128 It=2136msPC165DNR agcmiddle x128 It=2136msPC165DNR agchigh x128 It=2136ms
PC165DNR agclow x256 It=4271msPC165DNR agcmiddle x256 It=4271msPC165DNR agchigh x256 It=4271ms

SCB-2000N agclow 1/60s It=17msSCB-2000N agchigh 1/60s It=17ms
SCB-2000N agclow x2 It=33msSCB-2000N agchigh x2 It=33ms
SCB-2000N agclow x4 It=67msSCB-2000N agchigh x4 It=67ms
SCB-2000N agclow x6 It=100msSCB-2000N agchigh x6 It=100ms
SCB-2000N agclow x8 It=133msSCB-2000N agchigh x8 It=133ms
SCB-2000N agclow x10 It=167msSCB-2000N agchigh x10 It=167ms
SCB-2000N agclow x12 It=200msSCB-2000N agchigh x12 It=200ms
SCB-2000N agclow x14 It=234msSCB-2000N agchigh x14 It=234ms
SCB-2000N agclow x16 It=267msSCB-2000N agchigh x16 It=267ms
SCB-2000N agclow x24 It=400msSCB-2000N agchigh x24 It=400ms
SCB-2000N agclow x32 It=534msSCB-2000N agchigh x32 It=534ms
SCB-2000N agclow x64 It=1068msSCB-2000N agchigh x64 It=1068ms
SCB-2000N agclow x128 It=2136msSCB-2000N agchigh x128 It=2136ms
SCB-2000N agclow x256 It=4271msSCB-2000N agchigh x256 It=4271ms
SCB-2000N agclow x512 It=8542msSCB-2000N agchigh x512 It=8542ms

WAT-902H2 Ultimate
WAT-902H2 Ultimate
WAT-902H2 Ultimate 30dB 1/50s It=20ms
WAT-902H2 Ultimate 32dB 1/50s It=20ms
WAT-902H2 Ultimate 44dB 1/50s It=20ms
WAT-902H2 Ultimate 48dB 1/50s It=20ms
WAT-902H2 Ultimate 60dB 1/50s It=20ms

PC164C-EX2 1/60s It=17ms

DMK21AU618 gain1023 It=33ms
DMK21AU618 gain1023 It=43ms
DMK21AU618 gain1023 It=91ms
DMK21AU618 gain1023 It=200ms
DMK21AU618 gain1023 It=500ms
DMK21AU618 gain1023 It=1000ms
DMK21AU618 gain1023 It=2000ms
DMK21AU618 gain1023 It=4000ms
DMK21AU618 gain1023 It=9709ms

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