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15° 14´ 08"2 East, 48° 47´ 13"6 North, 547 MSL

On www.dangl.at you will find up to date informations about astronomy and spaceflight in more than 9.500 files. The contents of my web pages are measurement data, tables, text, images and videos with results from my astronomical work. The capture, processing and forwarding of scientifical data is the main part of my astronomical work.

I am pleased that more than 230,000 interested annual visitors from over 140 different countries and several continents are using the contents of my web pages. The amount and contents of this site will be currently expanded. So periodically visits should make sense.

As a member of the International Occultation Timing Association / European Section, the VdS Fachgruppe Kleine Planeten and the Österreichischer Astronomischer Verein, I stay in constant contact with many astronomers in Europe and on all other continents around the globe during my astronomical work .

My astronomical work with a scientific background are, the detection of stellar occultations by asteroids and the Earth's moon, astrometry and photometry of asteroids, comets, and spacecrafts, follow-up astrometry of newly discovered near-Earth objects, video astrometry on fast moving asteroids, transit curves of exoplanets, mutual occultations and eclipses of planetary moons, detection of flare events of highly active stars, images of supernovae, meteor showers and a few other astronomical areas.

Through the self developments of devices for measurements of camera systems and astronomical time measuring devices, it is possible for me to analyze such systems for other astronomers from all over the world. The measured data are then made available to all astronomers around the globe.

Results from my astronomical work are presented at conferences with presentations to international experts and are issued also in numerous scientific papers.

For cogitation...
The Hubble Space Telescope can record parts of the sky as small as the dot at the end of this sentence looks like. By now with todays technic more than 3,000 galaxies are visible in such a small sky area. There are much more than 100 billion galaxies in the current observable universe. And in every of these galaxies there are averaged again much more than 100 billion suns and much more planets...

  Gerhard Dangl

The minor planet Nr. 47494 (Gerhardangl), named after amateur astronomer Gerhard Dangl, more details here ... Minor planet Gerhardangl


International Occultation Timing Association - Homer F. DaBoll Award 2015 presented to Gerhard Dangl (Austria), more details here ... IOTA Homer F. DaBoll Award 2015



Self development of devices for measurements on camera systems and astronomical time measurement equipment

EXposure Time Analyzer - EXTA

Video EXposure Analyzer - VEXA 2.0

Exposure and internal delay on video cameras - measurement results

Digital video camera with GPS - DVTI v2b

With EXTA in Nonndorf currently measurements and analysis are made on devices for astronomers around the globe.

You want to participate the observing of sky objects?
Interested people are welcome on an observing night in the Woodquarter!
All you need is interest and warm cloth for cool nights.
Send me a short message Kuvert

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