Observations of star occultations by the Earthmoon

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Under the International Occultation Timing Association - IOTA many observers worldwide, profi astronomers and amateurs, are involved to observe star occultations by minor planets, or by planets with their moons or by the Earthmoon accurately and to collect the results via internet. Thus very often informations about a minor planet can be upgraded without the need of an expensive and time consuming mission with a spacecraft.

Since August 2003 I am participating in this observation programs. Of course it is only possible on good weather conditions and if my time allows. Sadly many observations are disturbed in the important point of time by clouds or by dense fog. Then no report can be created and the necessary equipment with a mass of about 100 kilograms was just moved for astronomy science for some night hours in fresh air.

Informative links can be found on the start page of the IOTA
International Occultation Timing Association

and on start page of the IOTA-ES
International Occultation Timing Association - European Section

Here are all my observations and reports about occultation events caused by the Earthmoon


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May 26, 2010
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